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Jul 2, 2012 4:00am EDT
surveys, while hsbc's pmi focuses on smaller firms. the twin readings will pressure beijing to ease policy further, they add china's domestic activity needs to strengthen to encompass foreign demand especially from europe and the u.s. >> tracey, thanks very much. we get back to george goncalves joining us there from new york. george, which, to you is pointing the direction forward here, the weaker data out of asia, the somewhat firmer tone out of europe or what happens in the u.s. with the pmi figures still to come? >> we actually have a short holiday week this week, the start of the new quarter and i think we have to look back to the last two quarters, the first quarter things come out, you know, quite nicely with all the liquidity coming into the system, markets rose, then we had the complete night and day response in the second quarter when all the european fear set in, as we start the third quarter this week is critical, even though it's a short holiday week you have the ecb's decision, the boe, a lot of data, the pmis here as well which will dovetail all the pmis were discussing about
Jul 31, 2012 4:00am EDT
by aa growth in latin america. we saw revenues up 15%. t-win capital was 2.8% and slightly higher and it's robust too as the loan book deteriorates. they set aside 1.4 billion euros as provisions. that's around a third of the amount that the government wants them to do for this year. that compares to around two-thirds. the asset quality stayed the same as the first quarter around 4%. interesting to continue to watch rbs thinks that actually that npl will fit along with what the investment economy is doing. that could double over the next three years. the amount of sovereign debt on the portfolio, 11% now of total assets. that means it's something we have to watch for both the sovereign and possible downgrades going guard. for now, though, ross, it's up to you. >> thanks for that, julia. deutsche banc had a 63% before the pretax profit. they warned that the euro zone crisis will continue to add confidence and earnings. the bank is still committed to the universal business model. ralph silva is with us for the first half of today's program. hi, good to see you. it's hard to wage your way f
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2